Luke Teong

Luke Teong

Luke Teong Boon completed his degree in visual communication design in the UK, but found much more to learn from coming back to Malaysia. Upon his return, he understood that working in Asia meant having to study the Asian way of communicating closely, and to take traditional Asian values and cultures into consideration. 

Since founding 3nity in 1996 with partners Joseph Foo and Kah Fai, their combined skill and understanding of visual communication with local sensitivity has been the back bone of the firm philosophy. It reflects in their work from corporate identity to performance arts posters. 

In 2007, 3nity started a venture with other partners, TriDi (3D) in developing Asian fine furnitures and product.


Singapore Design Award
Horseman Design Award
Cutting Edge Moving Image, Seoul 

Bussiness experience

3nity, Partner, Director, Brand Management


Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
Bukit Bintang Boys' School, PJ, Malaysia