Richard Hsu

Richard Hsu

Shanghai born, Richard Hsu followed his family to Hong Kong, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland.

After his architectural studies, HSU worked in US, Europe, Japan and Asia, in advertising / branding / design for a number of clients The New York Times, Bank of America, Sothebys, Elizabeth Arden, MoMA, Madison Square Garden, Boeing, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, The Limited, The Partnership for a Drug Free America, Warner Music, Murdoch Publications, Shiseido, Nike, Heineken, KLCC, Thailand Design Center, Wieden+Kennedy, IBM, Orange Telecom/True Thailand, eno, Conde Nast, LOreal, Mori Building, Isetan He held creative and strategic position for several of the above companies, he was the Executive Vice-President in charge of opening Wieden+Kennedys China office in 2003.

HSU opened a brand consultancy company in Shanghai h+ branding in 2006, focusing and servicing the sectors of youth culture, publishing, commercial real estate development, lifestyle brand development, retail, OEM manufacturers HSU believes in learning and pushing the limits in these areas : creative and design thinking / education / China talents / China branding / China originality / synergy and harmony between business and art / development of love brands / do good projects. He has lectured regularly at universities in US, Berlin, Malaysia, Shanghai.

Hsu presently splits his time into 3 parts:

Education: he is full time lecturer and program developer at Tongji University‚Äôs Graduate Design and Innovation Content: process, innovation and creative research focused Hsu is the curator of TEDxShanghai Brand strategies and communication: his branding company's focus presently are: education / city, village branding and program planning / tech, innovation, design / China branding, talents, creativity, China BOP