Joseph, co-founder of 3X & 3nity speaks in TEDx Chiangmai recently on the movement of giving.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive' is a movement created by 3nity for Oloiya, a popular BBQ dried meat brand in Malaysia. inline with one of the company's three brand pillars, the idea of giving hope to remind people that this Chinese new year, instead of receiving all the goodness & fortunes and keeping it to ourselves, we hope to bless our friends & needy by giving in whichever way we can."

Starting from the community in Petaling Street (China Town, KL), activities of giving were planned and laid out consistently over two months prior to Chinese new year in different part of the country with different acts of giving (partnering with fruits stall owner, ice-cream seller, Spring Festival couplets' calligrapher, BBQ dried meat company etc). All these activities were documented in form of video spread across social media with positive responses.

The campaign identity is based on typographic treatment of inspirational quotes of giving. These were then used on newspaper ads, Facebook posts, environmental art (were painted on building/public places creatively across the country). An active Facebook page is created for people to share their stories of giving or photos of the environmental art and activities.

As a result, the movement of giving has given a new perspective to Chinese community of celebrating Chinese New year, as for Oloiya, by spending less than their previous year advertising budget, their sales increase enormously, and most of all, through this movement of giving, the brand is able to put their brand values into practice and it inspires the Chinese community.

Currently, as a continuation of this movement, we hope to inspire others to be a part of this movement by initiating their own activities of giving. This year on the 15th of September, Petaling Street will hold an event that will set an example of how this movement can be widely spread. The key to the event is the willingness of the people from Petaling Street to show that giving is not only about money but can also be about contributing their time and talent.