Fiskars Edge knife series has garnered red dot design award for product design for 2013 in the Kitchen section. The Edge knife series was designed by Danish designer, Tobias Wandrup, whose Functional Form knife series already won the Red Dot design award in 2006. 

The red dot jury explains: "The distinctive choice for a modern kitchen – Fiskars Edge  The new Fiskars Edge range is a modern take on perhaps the most essential tool in any kitchen. Its progressive edgy look follows the strong trend of sleek, fully black design. The range of seven knives combine influences from both Eastern and Western kitchens while the distinctive black coating on the blades offers high resistance against corrosion and makes them easy to clean and maintain. For the new knife range, Wandrup searched for a form that is modern, universal and genuinely Fiskars. 

Speaking about his latest creation, he said: “I think this knife 4 range has a certain pride of being a true Fiskars product, it has simplicity and energy. I want to make things for Fiskars that are truly Fiskars, but also stretch the brand to new limits. Fiskars does have the courage to take the brand further, and this series is a good example of that.”