Give us a new name, that is dynamic, positive and full of energy!

Waoo! is owned by a consortium of 15 different national energy companies, providing Danish households with electricity and ultra high-speed connections. With the speed of light, though their own fiberoptic cables, the company offers many different products within entertainment and communication for your TV, internet and phones!

“Give us a new name, that is dynamic, positive and full of energy! A name that on one hand is personal and unique, and on the other hand, everybody can understand and relate to. A name that reflect our vision! A name that can motivate and unite our organization, from our strategic thinkers in the management group, our sales force, our partners, our shareholders, our product developers to our customers.

A name that will be able to follow the speed of the technical development in our world of information and entertainment! A name that is international, that can stay relevant, and understood by everybody, no matter what age, sex, culture or language they speak. A name that is fun and entertaining, and make it simple and easy to work with!”

Our experience from our customer interviews was, a clear need for simplicity in the marked. The customers demands the best products and expect them to the lowest prize! The new brand name, balance between this and a visual identity and communication platform that is easy to understand and simple to use.

Because the business is about entertainment and communication, the brand name has to be unique, personal and understood by everybody!

The name is Waoo! The idea behind the name is based on the clients brief indicating their need for brand name showing their commitment internally and externally. The spelling and “look” of the name it inspired by the uniqueness, energy, sounds, speed and surprices from of the cartoons universe! Waoo! is reflecting the vision of the company and mindset of the employes - that everything is possible!

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