The spirit of yoga, Nordic style

A newly established yoga studio catering to the private and corporate sectors, Yogamood seeks to place yoga in a modern Scandinavian context, making it accessible to those without prior knowledge of yoga while retaining the philosophy's unique ideology and symbolism.

Wunsch was asked to create a new corporate identity for the company. While the logo and overall design are influenced by symbols associated with yoga, it was important to choose a few strong symbols that communicate pure and simple design.

People familiar with yoga will recognise the lotus flower, most commonly associated with yoga, and will find some well-known symbolism in the Yogamood logo itself. Others will resonate with the stringent Scandinavian style, the bright overall impression, the simplicity of the design and the beauty of yoga exercises.

Following the establishment of the company, Yogamood developed a range of pure aromatherapy oils. Each has its own characteristics and application and can be used separately. When all three oils are placed in a row, the product names A (Activate), U (Unify) and M (Meditate) form the word AUM, a well-known term in yoga philosophy.

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